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Animal Ice cream bar for Kids’ News May 11, 2008

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My Sand Castle ice cream for TK Teen attract the hosts of Kids’ News program. The director of Kids’ News have called me and said that her hosts have seen my ice cream creation and urged her to contact me for an interview. I wouldn’t have felt this glad and surprise if I didn’t know that they are just 7 years old kids! and furthermore they are twin!!

Sooo… let’s do an ice cream workshop for them then!

Kids love ice cream as well as all the cute animal characters, how about making an animal-like ice cream?

Guinea Pig

Gaspy or Guinea Pig ice cream bar.

Again I use the existing ice cream in the market to create this animal collection and let the kids imagine which kind of animal would fit with this ice cream bar. I also use my imagination and make some samples such as “Gaspy” or “Guinea Pig”, I use the chocolate cereal as its ears and use a small chocolate as its nose. Sprinkles become the grass and blossom orange flowers.

Rhino or Hippo

Rhino or Hippo? ice cream bar

I also make a bite at the corner of the ice cream bar to make the face of any animal such as this Rhino, use cashew nut as a snout and let her immerses in this marshmallow water. Biting and shaping is a way that kids can enjoy the taste as well playing with the ice cream.


Rudof Ice cream bar

Nook and Nice

Nook and Nice, my youngest hosts who have interviewed me ever.

Please don’t ask me if I can recognize who is Nook or Nice but one thing I know is that they love ice cream! :)


Food Stylist magazine : Kid(chen)’s gallery December 4, 2007

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Food Stylist, Oct 2007

Food Stylist magazine, October 2007


Thanks to the kids book I got from Tokyo (although it’s in French!) and SME Thailand : Global Inspiration for the information.

Play with your food, Melt in you mold. November 4, 2007

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All the kids will be introduced to “The Place and the Plate” exhibition before starting the workshop. Picture in courtesy of P’Ai and Jerome Ming.

I haven’t posted anything for a while so let’s start with the oldest one (again). According to the last post about the information of Breast Stupa Ice cream workshop on 11 July 2007. So here is showing how it goes…

The workshop is devided into two parts, morning and afternoon. The morning workshop is for the children from the organization and the later one is open to any kids.

In each part, it’s devided into 3 sessions. First is the art of scoop, by using the tools to scratch-scoop-dig, then other colors of the ice cream which lay beneath the first layer will appear. It creates an unexpectable art piece.

The second session is to decorate the ready colorful beast shape ice cream by using their imagination and the materials we have prepared such as coloyful natural syrups and jams, topping, colorful chocolate chips, fruits and flowers, snack and so on.

I made lots of colorful simple flavours by using P’Ai breast cookies cutter to make the shape of the ice cream. They are ready to be decorated by the kids.

  Cone castle 

After playing with P’Ai’s breast stupa mold, the third session will let the kids make their own simple mold made of aluminium foil. As our traditional Thai ice cream is hardly found nowadays, this third session will introduce this Thai ice (without cream) and its tool “Tee Sai Nam Kang” to the children to learn our history. The prepared ice flake will be filled in the mold and ready to be decorated.


P’Ai’s breast stupa stainless mold and prepared aluminium foil to make the simple mold.

The staffs were working hard (Sai Nam Kang) to make the ice flake for the kids.


At the end of each session is eating time to enjoy their own art pieces…hmmm yummy!

Eventually I just admitted with the severe stomache again on the day before the workshop start, got out of the hospital at 4.00 in the morning and then went straight to Jim Thompson to prepare this workshop. So I couldn’t eat anything that much. However all those smiles from the kids made me feel happy and forgot about those pain that happened to me on the previous day.

So do P’Ai who is so generous and so kind to me, all Jim Thompson staffs (P’Poo, Khun Tann, N’Now and P’….), all the staff who worked hard for the kids to play and of course P’Jiab and Jim Thompson art center who create this wonderful event.

Thank you so much.

For more pictures of the event, please click here.

Breast stupa ice cream workshop July 11, 2007

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Milk ice cream and breast mold

Hey…don’t imagine like that!!

This is a workshop for children!!

Many thanks to Khun Pooh, Mr.Brian and Pechakucha night, it’s an honour to be invited to colaborate with a famous artist of Thailand, Khun Pinaree Sanpitak for a children workshop at Jim Thompson house as a part of The Place and the Plate exhibition and also a part of her signature work “Breast Stupa Cookery”, an ongoing collaborative art project started in 2005, explores how cooks interpret her signature form of breast+stupas.

Ever since, professional and amateur chefs create meals using her specially designed breast stupa-shaped cooking molds made in cast aluminum and glazed stoneware but in this occasion, it’s not limitted just only for the great famous chef anymore… Kids can have a chance to use their innocent imagination on this various-meaning-shape-mold in this ice cream workshop “Play with your food /  Melt in your mold” on Saturday 18th of August 2007 at Aiyara room, Jim Thompson house.

Anyone who is interested to participate in this workshop, please contact Jim Thompson Art Center 02-612-6741.

I’m sorry again if this “Breast stupa” workshop is just only for 6-12 years old kids not “Adult”!!