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S1 Grand Opening June 1, 2008

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On Wednesday 21 May… the first day of ThaiFEX fair, around 4.00am in the morning, I woke up with a severe stomach pain and be brought to the hospital immediately. Yes… it happened again as I mentioned in the previous posts “Royal Jelly ice cream for Babi Mild” , “Play with your food, Melt in your mold” and “Thai National Museum Shop”

Unlike last year that I got only stomachache, for this time, although I had recovered from the pain, I still encountered other problems that came to me in the same time!! Sinus and wind pipe inflammation… Poor Prima, I felt so terrible and tired, I would like to take a rest but it’s my responsibility… I must go through all these health problems and do my best for my client. T_T

Anyway after the storm, there will be a rainbow…. all my effort is worth….

S1 Football complex

Last Thursday 29 May 2008 was the opening day of S-One Foot Ball arena as well as the opening of Ice-One shop. The event was going well although I looked like a walking corpse on that day. T_T

Ice One by IceDEA

Ice-One by IceDEA… yeahh… that’s my IceDEA!

Besides a problem with the temperature of the ice cream freezer and some misunderstood about the opening time, the rest and over-all were fine. My client was satisfied (I guess…. please tell me naka, Khun May, if I’m wrong.) Above all, the most important thing is I’m satisfied with it. Although it’s not the best as I expected, it’s the best as I can put my effort into it.

Here are some pictures from the event.

All the owners

All the owners of S1 : คุณวินิจ เลิศรัตนชัย From RS Fresh Air and other directors of RS CO.,Ltd.

Khun May, the owner of Ice-One

Khun May, the cutest owner of Ice-One :)


Some guests in the event with my ice cream.

Ice cream for Ice-One

All ice creams in the freezer including M150 or Milo flavors. Since M150 and Nestle are the major sponsor of S1, thus there must be these two flavors in the list!

Ice cream for Ice-One

Noot(ella) ball ice cream (normal version), exclusively for Ice-One.

Football ice cream

Noot(ella) ball ice cream in an opening event version. Nutella ice cream with pentagonal milk chocolate to create the pattern of the football. Served in a net goal-like cup.

Grass brownie

Grass Brownie. Icing is applied on the surface to create the foot ball field look. (Corner of the foot ball field.)

Grass brownie

Another angle.

Grass brownie

Base is a brownie with almond as a block of soil and particle, topped with Poppy Seed as the sand and rock, then the grass is actually special custom made “Green Foy Thong” or “ฝอยทองสีเขียว”.

Ice cream display and Bakery Display

Ice cream and Bakery display. Please don’t wonder if you will have just only this grass brownie as a snack because this display will be fully filled with my grass just only on this opening day.

Unfortunately my Noot(ella) Ball in a a goal-like cup were served just only on the opening day, however the simple version of this Noot Ball is availble at Ice-One shop as well as the grass brownie. Check it out by yourself to see how realistic they are.

Alora, I’m gonna get more rest to recover and be ready for the next project!! Fighto Fighto!!


IceDEA and Artpitizer in ThaiFEX May 20, 2008

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Around 2-3 months ago I’ve received a phone call from P’Molly (yes… again… I know… but most of the works I got are all from a friend of some one I know or so on (the power of six degree theory, isn’t it?) and of course, how can they contact me?…. yes…via phone!) Thanks to P’Off who had introduced me to this opportunity.

P’Molly and her friends are going to open a company named “Artpitizer” a food supply service which aim to give a creativity in Food as well as design the right supply to suit the criteria of the clients. Kind of similar to IceDEA concept but the scope is bigger, Artpitizer produce soup, smoothie, bakery and ice cream. Furthermore Artpitizer focuses on any big food chain company and international market so it’s kind of different in a way.

For now she is gathering the team to create new interesting products in each kind of fields. For the ice cream, it falls into me… and ThaiFEX fair seems to be a good place to informally start introducing Artpitizer to the market. We decide to firstly start with my existing ice cream list.

Since Artptizer doesn’t have its own booth but it shares with PP Food Supply, a frozen product company owned by P’Kay – a friend and co-partner of P’Molly. So we should courtesy use their frozen product as the main ingredients of the ice cream.

PP Frozen product

I have chosen Orange, Carrot, Blueberry, Apple and Ginger for my ice cream creations and here are the list of ice cream I’ve created.

  • Apple Crumble ice cream : Green Smith Apple
  • Blueberry Cheese Pie ice cream : Blueberry
  • Carrot Orange Punch Sorbet : Carrot and Orange
  • ไอศครีมเต้าฮวยน้ำขิง : Ginger
  • Red Bull Extra

I try to vary the type of ice cream in different styles as much as possible in order to show how far we can create something new out of these basic ingredients. So there are pastry type, healthy type, Thai/particular type but the last one is exceptional, it’s just only for PR. However I have to confess that although it’s the same kind of fruit/vegy, I can’t use all frozen product due to the limitation of the texture and scent.

If anyone happen to pass by PP Food Supply booth in ThaiFEX fair, please feel free to taste my ice cream and leave a comment, I would be really appreciated. The fair is going to take place tomorrow Wednesday 21 May 2008 until this Sunday 25 May 2008 at Impact, Meung Thong Thani.

Buon apetito!

Concept and mock up for S1 opening May 19, 2008

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At the beginning of this month, I received a phone call from Khun May, a friend of N’Ter Mushroom Television, asking how to open the ice cream shop, then she had made an appointment with me at her office in order to taste my ice cream and ask for further information about ice cream, price and so on. To be honest, first I thought it’s just another cafe that would like to have some ice creams in the shop so I didn’t expect anything that much. By contrast, when I arrived her office, I just realized… hey… this is not a small project! I’m going to make a new ice cream flavor for RS! Yeah!! Thank you so much naka, N’Ter :D

S1 Logo

RS Fresh Air, one of RS Promotion Group, is going to open a new indoor football complex and multipurpose arena named “S-One” on Bangna-Trad Rd. The field is built with imported artificial grass which is the same as the AC Milan field in Italy, this is the main selling point of this complex.

At S-One, there will be a restaurant, shop and of course…. ice cream cafe!!!

Khun May is in charge of this shop…. “Ice-One” (related to S-one but coincidently similar to IceDEA :P) She asked me to design new flavor including the special ice cream concept for the opening. Here are some concept proposals and their mock ups.

ice cream in a goal cup

First is a concept “Foot ball in a goal cup”. As the ice cream itself is in a sphere shape so I decide to make a white base ice cream and decorated with pentagonal chocolate to create the foot ball pattern and then served in a net pattern ice cream cup as if the ice cream is already in a goal.

ice cream in a goal cup

Foot Ball ice cream placed on grass tray.

ice cream in a goal cup

Foot ball ice cream in a goal cup.

net pattern cup

Net pattern ice cream cup.

As they are proudly present their great import grass as it’s the core feature so I think it would be nice if I could make something related to it for their PR and that how the second concept came from, “Soccer field”

Soccer field concept

First it supposes to be an ice cream, but due to the temperature issue and flexibility, I decide to use a brownie instead of an ice cream. I make a dark brownie to represent a block of the soil, layering with poppy seed as the sands and rocks, then top it with custom made “ฝอยทอง” in Green color to make it look alike grass.

Grass brownie

Please note that this is just a rough sketch (Sketch? haha… I know I should say this is just a rough sweet instead :P), the grass needs to be adjusted for realism.

The third one, this is optional… I love it because it’s kind of performance in a way, although we didn’t use it in the end. The concept is “Red or Yellow, What are you gonna get?”

Red or Yellow?

The waiters are dressed up as referee and suddenly whistle up to any specific or random guest depending on the criteria such as “Best Out Fit” in the event or so on, then holding a red or yellow napkin which has a square short bread inside and give it to the guest.

Red card short bread

Red card short bread.

Red card short bread

Red napkin as a holder for this square short bread.

I know it may not be practical for a big event but might be kind of fun for a small party or such thing. I still hope they might use it somehow in the future :P

I will later post the final output once the event occurs on 29 May 2008.

Animal Ice cream bar for Kids’ News May 11, 2008

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My Sand Castle ice cream for TK Teen attract the hosts of Kids’ News program. The director of Kids’ News have called me and said that her hosts have seen my ice cream creation and urged her to contact me for an interview. I wouldn’t have felt this glad and surprise if I didn’t know that they are just 7 years old kids! and furthermore they are twin!!

Sooo… let’s do an ice cream workshop for them then!

Kids love ice cream as well as all the cute animal characters, how about making an animal-like ice cream?

Guinea Pig

Gaspy or Guinea Pig ice cream bar.

Again I use the existing ice cream in the market to create this animal collection and let the kids imagine which kind of animal would fit with this ice cream bar. I also use my imagination and make some samples such as “Gaspy” or “Guinea Pig”, I use the chocolate cereal as its ears and use a small chocolate as its nose. Sprinkles become the grass and blossom orange flowers.

Rhino or Hippo

Rhino or Hippo? ice cream bar

I also make a bite at the corner of the ice cream bar to make the face of any animal such as this Rhino, use cashew nut as a snout and let her immerses in this marshmallow water. Biting and shaping is a way that kids can enjoy the taste as well playing with the ice cream.


Rudof Ice cream bar

Nook and Nice

Nook and Nice, my youngest hosts who have interviewed me ever.

Please don’t ask me if I can recognize who is Nook or Nice but one thing I know is that they love ice cream! :)

Summer ice cream for TK Teen May 11, 2008

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Another media which also look for any summer related issue is “TK Teen”, a TV program supported by TK Park (Thailand Knowledge Park อุทยานการเรียนรู้) on channel 11 or currently renamed as “NBT TV”

As it’s summer time so I was asked to make a summer ice cream for the show. Any of you might know I have made Sunbath ice cream for Bistro magazine last summer. For this summer, I have to come up with something different… new… but still give a good impact like that one. It needs to be something easy to make by anything surround us, short time to prepare, that’s a major requirement from the staff of TK Teen.

I came up with an idea of making something new from an existing ice cream in market so everyone can make it themselves without any ice cream machine.

So let’s do some famous activity during the summer time… how about making a sand castle but ice cream one?!?

Sand Castle ice cream

And here are the tools to create our castle! One tub of ice cream, a cup of ice cream (should be the same flavor as the tub one and should be vanilla, chocolate or any brown color ice cream for realistic look.), Fork and any decoration you may like.


I imitate the ice cream equipments to the sand castle tools. For example, if you turn a cup of ice cream upside down, you will notice that it’s not much different from the sand castle bucket, especially the bottom part which really looks similar to the zig zag top of the castle wall. Use it as a mold to build the castle and place it on the ice cream tub. Use the spoon/fork to create the moat and decorate it with some rocks, in this case, colorful chocolate. Place a little spoon on the top as a flag of the castle…. and here we are… tahhh…dahhh…

Sand Castle ice cream

“The Sand Castle ice cream”…

Here is the video O/A on 12 April 2008.

IceDEA in BKKMENU.com May 11, 2008

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It’s summer time again and it’s a perfect time for a scoop ice cream to cool us down from the hot weather. So most of medias are seeking for anything related to ice or ice cream… and thus it falls into IceDEA, a particular business… an ice cream design business?!?

BKKMENU.com is one of my favorite web I usually check out any nice cafe or restaurant, so it’s kind of surprise, glad and honor to be featured here in this website.

Melting World (Ice cream)?!? May 11, 2008

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Yes…. again… I haven’t been updating anything for an age. Seems like it’s time to do it again. :P

Let’s start with the oldest one….. since last year!


I was asked to create “Global Warming Ice cream” for “รายการจมูกมด” a morning TV program on channel 7. I’m thinking of exaggerating the global warming effect by creating this world-like ice cream (swirl technique) as if our world is melting! If we still pollute our world, it wouldn’t be much different from this ice cream and, in the end, there is nothing left but the dust and waste.

I will upload the video version of this melting process once I get it from the program, hopefully… T_T

Food Stylist magazine : Let’s eat the experience! December 10, 2007

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Food Stylist, Nov 2007

Food Stylist magazine, November 2007

Pictures in courtesy of Droog Design.

Food Stylist, Nov 2007

Food Stylist, Nov 2007

Food Stylist, Nov 2007

SME Thailand : สิบปี SME ไทย กับสิบปีที่พิสูจน์ตัวจริง December 10, 2007

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SME Thailand, November 2007

SME Thailand, November 2007 

Happy 4th year anniversary of SME Thailand magazine!

Coincidently it’s also 10 years of Thai ecomomy crisis or also known as “Tom Yum Koong crisis” or on the other hand, SMEs has taken places in Thailand as a solution for this. So we’ve been asked to write about it in each aspect for this celebration. Anyway I hope this celebration is just only for SME anniversary, not the return of the Thai crisis which might be taken place again soon…. I hope not.

Many thanks to P’Tum Red Box and P’Jul for the informations as well as thanks to P’Tor for their great works and pictures!

PS : I missed the October issue of SME Thailand, once I have found it, I will certainly upload it soon.

SME Thailand, November 2007

SME Thailand, November 2007

Food Stylist magazine : Kid(chen)’s gallery December 4, 2007

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Food Stylist, Oct 2007

Food Stylist magazine, October 2007


Thanks to the kids book I got from Tokyo (although it’s in French!) and SME Thailand : Global Inspiration for the information.