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Summer ice cream for TK Teen May 11, 2008

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Another media which also look for any summer related issue is “TK Teen”, a TV program supported by TK Park (Thailand Knowledge Park อุทยานการเรียนรู้) on channel 11 or currently renamed as “NBT TV”

As it’s summer time so I was asked to make a summer ice cream for the show. Any of you might know I have made Sunbath ice cream for Bistro magazine last summer. For this summer, I have to come up with something different… new… but still give a good impact like that one. It needs to be something easy to make by anything surround us, short time to prepare, that’s a major requirement from the staff of TK Teen.

I came up with an idea of making something new from an existing ice cream in market so everyone can make it themselves without any ice cream machine.

So let’s do some famous activity during the summer time… how about making a sand castle but ice cream one?!?

Sand Castle ice cream

And here are the tools to create our castle! One tub of ice cream, a cup of ice cream (should be the same flavor as the tub one and should be vanilla, chocolate or any brown color ice cream for realistic look.), Fork and any decoration you may like.


I imitate the ice cream equipments to the sand castle tools. For example, if you turn a cup of ice cream upside down, you will notice that it’s not much different from the sand castle bucket, especially the bottom part which really looks similar to the zig zag top of the castle wall. Use it as a mold to build the castle and place it on the ice cream tub. Use the spoon/fork to create the moat and decorate it with some rocks, in this case, colorful chocolate. Place a little spoon on the top as a flag of the castle…. and here we are… tahhh…dahhh…

Sand Castle ice cream

“The Sand Castle ice cream”…

Here is the video O/A on 12 April 2008.