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IceDEA and Artpitizer in ThaiFEX May 20, 2008

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Around 2-3 months ago I’ve received a phone call from P’Molly (yes… again… I know… but most of the works I got are all from a friend of some one I know or so on (the power of six degree theory, isn’t it?) and of course, how can they contact me?…. yes…via phone!) Thanks to P’Off who had introduced me to this opportunity.

P’Molly and her friends are going to open a company named “Artpitizer” a food supply service which aim to give a creativity in Food as well as design the right supply to suit the criteria of the clients. Kind of similar to IceDEA concept but the scope is bigger, Artpitizer produce soup, smoothie, bakery and ice cream. Furthermore Artpitizer focuses on any big food chain company and international market so it’s kind of different in a way.

For now she is gathering the team to create new interesting products in each kind of fields. For the ice cream, it falls into me… and ThaiFEX fair seems to be a good place to informally start introducing Artpitizer to the market. We decide to firstly start with my existing ice cream list.

Since Artptizer doesn’t have its own booth but it shares with PP Food Supply, a frozen product company owned by P’Kay – a friend and co-partner of P’Molly. So we should courtesy use their frozen product as the main ingredients of the ice cream.

PP Frozen product

I have chosen Orange, Carrot, Blueberry, Apple and Ginger for my ice cream creations and here are the list of ice cream I’ve created.

  • Apple Crumble ice cream : Green Smith Apple
  • Blueberry Cheese Pie ice cream : Blueberry
  • Carrot Orange Punch Sorbet : Carrot and Orange
  • ไอศครีมเต้าฮวยน้ำขิง : Ginger
  • Red Bull Extra

I try to vary the type of ice cream in different styles as much as possible in order to show how far we can create something new out of these basic ingredients. So there are pastry type, healthy type, Thai/particular type but the last one is exceptional, it’s just only for PR. However I have to confess that although it’s the same kind of fruit/vegy, I can’t use all frozen product due to the limitation of the texture and scent.

If anyone happen to pass by PP Food Supply booth in ThaiFEX fair, please feel free to taste my ice cream and leave a comment, I would be really appreciated. The fair is going to take place tomorrow Wednesday 21 May 2008 until this Sunday 25 May 2008 at Impact, Meung Thong Thani.

Buon apetito!