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Sexy bikini cover for Bistro magazine May 8, 2007

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April is the beginning of Summer time in Thailand although I think actually there is just only one season “Summer” all the year round in this hot country…. oh perhaps another one…. “Sale season” is also all the year round in Thailand as well, especially in Bangkok.

Anyway let’s say April supposes to be summer and it’s time for bikini and sun tan!!!

Hahaa.. if you are thinking you’re gonna see me wearing bikini on the cover of Bistro magazine, you’re totally wrong!

I was assigned to create a summer ice cream collection for this ice cream issue. I was inspired by tan skin, sun bath, bikini, sea, swimming pool, inflatable boat and so on. Here are some result of my ideas and experiments.


Sunbath ice cream bar.

“Oven”bath tulie (cookies which usually serve with an ice cream.)


Honey tan skin, honey sunbath ice cream.

Please note that all of the menus in this collection is to visualize the idea of summer by using food and ice cream as a material. I apologize if it’s not intend to wet the appetite.


Canon : Selphy ES1 May 7, 2007

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I have been invited to create 3 items that use the facility/print-out from this Canon, Selphy ES1 (although unfortunately the real output is orginally from another model T_T )

and this is one of what I have made for Canon…

Birthday Raspberry chocolate cake ice cream, Raspberry cookies ice cream lable and birthday card itself.

Since I think nowadays people, especially girls, loves cooking… make some bakery…make some cakes or cookies by themselves for their friends.  So this is an example to use the lable-size sticker facility of this Canon printer to create their own lables as a card for their friend’s birthday.

I will later post some more when Canon has launched this article on their website.

Pictures in courtesy of P’Cherry and Khun Bank, web content agency.

Daybeds magazine, Outdoor space. May 5, 2007

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Daybeds, April 2007

Daybeds, April 2007

After have been a freelance writer for daybeds magazine for 2 years, finally I became (still) a freelance writer as a routine monthly writer for them?!? Ok…no matter how I call it, it means I still write for this magazine especially for the oversea column (although I’m no more abroad?!? How could it be?!?) …haha…anyway… as long as I still have some resource to write about, I will write it no matter where I am :)

And this is the first issue that I start my permanent job with Daybeds. Again… everything can be changed. Although I’m a permanent writer for oversea column, once there is any REAL oversea report such as Milan fair or any other fair… my article can be postponed as well. This issue for instance, I supposed to write the article about this artist named Guy Bennur for the paradise island issue because it’s really fit to the stuck on the island concept (you will find out why I said so when you read the article or even just a glance at the pictures) but unfortunately there is a Hongkong gift fair report, so my article need to be published on this issue instead. Yes, it also fit to outdoor space concept but it would be really perfect on the other one. Anyway…nothing in this world is perfect right…

Thai National Museum Shop, first stage. May 4, 2007

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After the opening of Metropolitan Museum Shop Bangkok,  P’Nok (Khun Prapawadee Sopolpanich) decide to open the same art store but in Thai style at Thai National Museum Bangkok so we got an assignment to design the stationery and product inspired by our precious trasure in this Thai National Museum Bangkok.

We went to see how is the interior of the shop, delivered some product, planed how to display our design but seems like it wasn’t my day… I got a severe stomache. First I thought that I would feel better if I took the medicine, unfortunately it wasn’t like what I thought. In the end I went to the hospital and admitted there for the investigation.

Next time I’m gonna post some more pictures of product and the interior once it fills up with all items. Hopefully I won’t get any stomache again for the next time.

SME Thailand : Honesty Brand May 4, 2007

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SME Thailand : April 2007

Surprisingly I have been already writen an article for SME Thailand for 2 years ! This issue will be an anniversary, the beginning of my third year. Let’s celebrate!!

Ploy Gam Petch, April 2007 May 4, 2007

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