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Breast stupa ice cream workshop July 11, 2007

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Milk ice cream and breast mold

Hey…don’t imagine like that!!

This is a workshop for children!!

Many thanks to Khun Pooh, Mr.Brian and Pechakucha night, it’s an honour to be invited to colaborate with a famous artist of Thailand, Khun Pinaree Sanpitak for a children workshop at Jim Thompson house as a part of The Place and the Plate exhibition and also a part of her signature work “Breast Stupa Cookery”, an ongoing collaborative art project started in 2005, explores how cooks interpret her signature form of breast+stupas.

Ever since, professional and amateur chefs create meals using her specially designed breast stupa-shaped cooking molds made in cast aluminum and glazed stoneware but in this occasion, it’s not limitted just only for the great famous chef anymore… Kids can have a chance to use their innocent imagination on this various-meaning-shape-mold in this ice cream workshop “Play with your food /  Melt in your mold” on Saturday 18th of August 2007 at Aiyara room, Jim Thompson house.

Anyone who is interested to participate in this workshop, please contact Jim Thompson Art Center 02-612-6741.

I’m sorry again if this “Breast stupa” workshop is just only for 6-12 years old kids not “Adult”!!



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