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Thai coconut festival at The Mall department store June 3, 2007

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Coconut festival poster

I was assigned by The Mall department store to design a Thai coconut ice cream collection for this Thai coconut event called “ร้อยเรื่องราวมะพร้าวไทย” taken place at The Mall Bang Kapi and The Mall Bang Kae on 31st May to 6th June 2007.

Coconut ice cream does exist in this world a long time ago, especially “I-tim Ka-Ti “, a traditional Thai coconut milk ice cream one. However… “Thai dessert ice cream” doesn’t!

Coconut is the main ingredients of Thai cuisine and dessert, varying in so many methods. For this event, I’ve created three flavours of “Thai dessert ice cream” using coconut in three styles – coconut cream (Kanomburng ice cream), sweeten scraped coconut meat (Kanomsodsai ice cream) and coconut milk (Fakthong Kangbuod ice cream).


Kanomburng ขนมเบื้อง, a Thai cryspy crepe, is always served with sweet coconut cream mix and Foi Thing ฝอยทอง or can be occasionally decorated with dried plum and raisin.

Kanomburng ice cream

Kanomburng ice cream

Kanomsodsai Kanomsodsai ice cream

Kanomsodsai ขนมสอดไส้, another Thai dessert using the coconut as a filling and body. The filling is made of sweet scraped coconut meat, aroma with the Thai fragrant candle. The body is made of coconut milk, flour and a pinch of salt. It’s always wrapped with banana leaves which create a particular packaging for this simple Thai sweet. (I use coconut leaves instead of banana one since it is a coconut event.)


Fakthong Kangbuod ฟักทองแกงบวด, steamed pumpkin in a coconut milk syrup.

Fakthong kangbuod ice cream

I have created this Fakthong Kangbuod ice cream layered with cryspy pumpkin, whipping cream, steamed pumpkin, topped with coconut milk and garnished with mint leaves. The cryspy pumpkin and the steamed one will give a soft and crunchy texture in itself.

Coconut festival

If anybody is happened to pass by The Mall Bang Kapi or The Mall Bang Kae, please do not hesitate to try my “Thai coconut dessert ice cream collection” which made especially just only for this Thai coconut event.