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Royal Jelly ice crean for Babi Mild shower gel December 2, 2007

Posted by Icedea in Ice cream designer's hat.
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Royal Jelly ice cream for Babi Mild

Last week I was asked to make an ice cream for a new launch of Babi Mild Royal Soft which mainly made of “Royal Jelly”. The royal jelly itself looks alike condense milk but by contrast, it’s wholesome, helps metabolism and reduce the cholesterol in the blood. Furthermore it’s not good just only for our health but also our skin as it contains collagen.

Royal Jelly ice cream for Babi Mild

I used this royal jelly and mixed it with a bit of honey to create this healthy (and expensive) ice cream for this new Babi Mild. The hexagonal stamp and a bit of honey drops were applied on the surface of the ice cream to visualize a honeycomb look.

Here is the final video of how to make Royal Jelly ice cream for Beauty Whisper by Babimild O/A 26 December 2007.

PS: Strange but true, I got this assignment when I was admitted in the hospital again (2 months after the last admittion). Perhaps I need to get into the hospital in order to get some project? Hmmm… not sure if it’s worth though.