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Writing portfolio

Please click on any issue below to review the articles.

SME Thailand Magazine : “Designess talk column”

SME Thailand, March 2005 SME Thailand, April 2005 SME Thailand, June 2005 SME Thailand, July 2005

SME Thailand, August 2005 SME Thailand, September 2005 SME Thailand, October 2005 SME Thailand, November 2005 SME Thailand, December 2005

SME Thailand, January 2006 SME Thailand, February 2006 SME Thailand, March 2006 SME Thailand, April 2006 SME Thailand, May 2006

SME Thailand, August 2006 SME Thailand, November 2006

SME Thailand, May 2007

SME Thailand, June 2007 SME Thailand, July 2007

Daybeds Magazine : “Oversea column”

Daybeds, February 2005 Daybeds, May 5005 Daybeds, August 2005 Daybeds, October 2005 Daybeds, December 2005

Daybeds, January 2006 Daybeds, February 2006 Daybeds, June 2006 Daybeds, July 2006 Daybeds, October 2006

Daybeds, April 2007 Daybeds, May 2007

Food Stylist Magazine : “Food design column”

Food Stylist magazine, June 2007



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