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Food Stylist magazine : Let’s eat the experience! December 10, 2007

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Food Stylist, Nov 2007

Food Stylist magazine, November 2007

Pictures in courtesy of Droog Design.

Food Stylist, Nov 2007

Food Stylist, Nov 2007

Food Stylist, Nov 2007


Food Stylist magazine : Kid(chen)’s gallery December 4, 2007

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Food Stylist, Oct 2007

Food Stylist magazine, October 2007


Thanks to the kids book I got from Tokyo (although it’s in French!) and SME Thailand : Global Inspiration for the information.

Here There Now Opening ceremony November 26, 2007

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Here There Now Exhibition

On the day before the Play with your food/Melt in your mold workshop started (previous post), I was admitted in the hospital, then there was a call from the owner of Gallery Soulflower, Ms.Natasha Tulli, asking me to design ice cream or sweets for the opening ceremony at her gallery. She randomly found me on my blog and felt interest in the gourmet dog food which I and Yapan Catering have made for cesar event.

The event is to announce the launch of the monograph “Here There Now : Contemporary Art from India” in conjuction with an exhibition of the same title. Mr.Brian Curtin is the author of the monograph and the curator of the exhibition, coincidently he is a friend of my teacher Dr.Tagerng Pattanopas.

Mr.Brian Curtin

According to the press release, Here There Now celebrates contemporary art from India. All the artist have international reputations and Here There Now showcases the diversity of materials, methods and concerns that underline these reputatioins.

Central to this monograph and the exhibition is the recognition that the work of these artists constitutes a necessary aspect of what the “Contemporary” means. These artist actively contribute to the international significance of contemporary art practice. All the more so becasue of theirs individual histories, culturally nuanced understandings, and particular uses of different media.

Within global terms, the critical ambition to offer strict definitions of how art functions for the contemporary context is all but obsolete. Moreover, attempts to theorize the relationship of non-Western artist to occidental “Others” can appear misguided in view of trans-national movement and exchange. Here There Now celebrates these insight, highlighting the value of departures as well as connections and dissonance as well as correspondence across the breadth of contemporary Indian art and beyond.

The artist featured are Arunkumar HG, Tushar Joag, Vineet Kaacker, Pushpamala N, Justin Ponmany, Prajakta Potnis, Sharmila Samant, Gigi Scari, Mithu Sen and Kumar Kanti Sen.

I design an ice cream and some sweets which is inspired by the art pieces od each artists.

“Bulls are watching” is the original art installation by Arunkumar HG.

Bulls are watching by Arunkumar

Bulls are watching in detail

 “Silence of the other” end is the actual work of him for this exhibition.

Silence of the other end by Arunkumar

Bearly bear

“Bearly Bear” is inspired by the work of Arunkumar HG “Silence of the other end”. Using the same technique, it’s constructed with the edible red and green jelly bear gum to form the shape of a bigger bear.

Mutant of the street vendor by Tushar Joag 

“Mutants of the Street Vendors mimetic scheme” by Tushar Joag

The truth beneath the table 

“The Truth beneath the Table” It’s inspired by the work of Tushar Joag; “Mutants of The Street Vendors Mimetic Scheme”. His metaphor is “Indian street vendor as a superhero”. They use their strength to escape the police or disguise themselves into the environment for example. This imitation uses typical Indian nuts table. But if you look carefully, the reflection reveals the truth that there is a super hero beneath the table as if he is carrying this table on his head or on the other hand the Indian nut vendor is a SUPERHERO!

Can you see the super hero?

…. so can you see the super hero?

Vineet Kaacker's work 

Vineet Kaacker’s art pieces.

Vineet chocolate rock

The work of Vineet Kacher inspired this piece. But this is not a rock like the original. It’s a chocolate rock!

Seems like Her Excellency Latha Reddy, Indian Ambassador of Thailand was enjoy the Vineet chocolate before she left.

Pushpamala N and her work

Pushpamala N and her work.


and…. Disguised Pishpamala N with my work :)

Indian disguise

Pushpamala has many roles in the Indian society, from ordinary Indian persons to female gods. With these “mustache” and “jewelry” straws, you can also play a role of an Indian person while enjoying sparkring yoghurt drink.


Special photography tecnique piece, “Prabhu” by Justin Ponmany


“Reverse” imitated the work of Justin Ponmany; “Prabhu”. He explored the translation of 3-dimensional objects to 2-dimensional artworks. Here, his concept is reversed back by forming his 2-dimensional work into 3 dimensions, in this case, ice cream cups.


The top view of these ice cream cups displays his complete 2-dimensional art piece while the colors of the ice cream match the colors of the picture on the lids. The flavors are Masala tea, Salted lassi, Mango Lassi and Spice chocolate.

The skin of pimples

“The skin of pimples” by Prajakta Potnis.

Pimple provocation

Pimple provocation in detail 

This piece is inspired by the work of Prajakta Potnis; “The skin of pimple”. People believe that eating chocolate leads pimple. This piece of chocolate has something behind it… The back side looks like skin with pimples!
It’s quite interesting that just by turning something upside down, the meaning totally changes… from something yummy to something yucky!

Sharmila Samant's work

Sharmila Samant’s work

Chocolate Puzzle

Chocolate Puzzle

“Chocolate Puzzle” The idea is taken from the work by Sharmila Samant. Her work displays a group of scattered squared photographs of the same object. This is imitated by dicing chocolate bars into squares and disordering them.

Gigi Scari's work

Gigi Scari’s work.

Cotton (candy) yarn

This is inspired by Gigi Scaria’s work which is the interviews of a group of people who have met Mahatma Gandhi. “Charkha” or “Spinning wheel” is another symbol of his effort to call for the freedom of Indian people by making their own cotton yarn/clothes. I borrowed the idea to make some cotton but it’s candy one.

Many thanks to Mae Aew+ for this antinque spinning wheel.

Mithu Sen and Kumar Kanti Sen's chair

Mithu Sen and Kumar Kanti Sen’s chair.

Sen's little chair

“Sen’s little chair” This cocktail platter is inspired by the chair of Mithu Sen and Kumar Kanti Sen. The cocktail sticks imitate the chair’s back support and the mayonnaise on the sausage looks a little like the pattern of the cushion. 

Visitors with my straws

The guesses were enjoy the exhibition as well as my creations, so does our chief guest, H.E. Lathea Reddy, Indian Ambassador of India to Thailand. Some drank my drinks without even noticing that there were something attaching on their faces!

Pushpamala N, H.E.Lathea Reddy and Natasha Tulli

From the left hand side, Pushpamala N,  H.E. Lathea Reddy, Indian Ambassador of India to Thailand and Natasha Tulli, the owner of Gallery Soulflower.

Many thanks to Natasha for this opportunity to colaborate with all these great artists and opportunity to expose my works. Also many thanks to P’Bank for this super nice English art text. Kob kun naka :)

Pictures in courtesy of artists, Gallery Soulflower and my mom. For more pictures, please click here.

Food Stylist magazine : DIY Food design tool October 1, 2007

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Food Stylist magazine, September 2007

Food Stylist magazine : Movement, Influence, Trend and Culture in Food July 22, 2007

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Food Stylist, July 2007

Food Stylist magazine, July 2007

Cesar : Love at first bite event at Eden Hall, Central Word Plaza July 3, 2007

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Cesar event 

I know I wear so many hats such as writer’s hat, designer’s hat or ice cream designer’s hat as the name of this blog but I never imagine that one day I will have a chance to wear an actual chef’s hat…. and it’s even harder to imagine myself being a chef… a Gourmet chef for dog!!

Being a chef

Thanks to P’Ton from Ya Pan Catering who gave me this particular assignment… yess…. he knows I love something people might feel weird about it :P

The assignment is to create “A Gourmet Food” for Cesar event since Cesar is not just only a dog food but it’s “Food for Dog”! a premium dog food which attract the owner and makes them feel as if they serve a gourmet human food for their dog. Only one thing is that everything in these menus is made of Cesar and other dog snacks, so your dog can enjoy all of the plate.

Cesar has come in many flavours such as Gourmet Beef, Prime Beef and Choice Chicken, Chicken and Seafood, Lamb, Beef and Liver, Chicken, Chicken Supreme, Chicken and Cheese so I, Khun Ib and N’Mol from Ya Pan have create menus varying from each flavours as listed below.

Chicken and cheese super supreme pizza

  • Chicken and cheese super supreme pizza : Cesar chicken and cheese flavour on pizza bread, decorated with variation of dog snacks.

Roast beef platter

  • Roast Beef Platter : Cesar gourmet beef wrapping on Dog Chew bone, topped with Beef flavour dog gravy and garnished with a slice of lemon and cherry.


  • Chicken Dogchewcini : Inspired by fettucini pasta which made of dog chew yellow stripes, mix mince Cesar chicken supreme with dog gravy source and then decorate with Garnished dog chew.

Prime beef and choice chicken mousse

  • Prime Beef and Choice Chicken Mousse with mini bone crunch : Blend Cesar prime beef and choice chicken until smooth and put it in the suffle bowl, topped with grounded mini bone crunch biscuit.


  • Beef and Liver Bruschetta : Apparativo for your dog… Cesar beef and liver flavour spread on dog chew biscuit, garnished with dog snacks.

Lamb cutlet

  • Lamb cutlet : Cesar lamb flavour wraped on dog chew stick, served on dog chew biscuit as potatoes and decorated with dog chew carrot.

Larb Gai

  • Larb Gai : Cesar is not limited on just only western food, so does Thai menu!! Mince cesar chicken flavour, topped with ground mini bine crunch as Kao-Kua, served on cabbage leaves and decorate with dog chew sticks as Tua-Fak-Yao.


  • Chicken and seafood springroll : Cesar chicken and seafood puree stuffed inside dog chew rolls with dog snacks.

Dog Quake

  • Dod Quake : Inspired by Swensen ice cream earth quake. Assorted scoop Cesar flavours in a big bowl, decorated with dog chew snacks.

It took place at Eden hall, Central World Plaza yesterday evening. There were fashion show from many celebrities, actresses and their dogs, Dog horoscope and of course…. our dog gourment kiost!!

Lots of dogs really felt appetise with the gourmet dog food… so does the owner but we’re so sorry… the food was just only for dogs :P

For further pictures in the event… including celebrities and dogs…. please click here.

Food Stylist magazine : Introduction June 18, 2007

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Food Stylist magazine, June 2007

Food Stylist magazine, June 2007 

According to the first year anniversary of “Food Stylist” , I have been invited to write a column “Food design : Creativity in Food” for this magazine in order to introduce the concept of food design and change the perception that it is not just only a decoration on the plate. The information is gathered from books, magazines, website and so on that I have been collected and what I have seen while I was at Fabrica. It’s gonna be like a year (12 issue or a bit more) series so…. see you on the shelf then.

Food Stylist, June 2007

On the right hand side, P’Jom- Visaka Raiwa, my dear client and my favourite creative restaurant owner-Vanilla serie :) Thanks to Oriol for my crazy picture with a traditional Thai ice cream-Kati on the left hand side.

Food Stylist, June 2007

Food STylist magazine, June 2007

Food stylist magazine, June 2007

Food Stylist magazine, June 2007